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JED Publishing is a specialist provider of mail-order books with titles in English and French.

Supported by our team of talented professionals, we scour the publishing world to deliver a broad range of subjects that we believe are designed to enlighten, enhance and improve the lives of the reader.

With our team operating globally, we have embraced working remotely post-pandemic and collaborating digitally. This has given us the advantage of being able to respond to market demands and changes faster with the added benefit of keeping our overheads low due to the additional flexibility over office-based working.

For you, our clients, this means we are able to deliver publications to market much quicker than before with lower overheads and thus the ability to keep the cost of our titles competitive.

We are dedicated to bringing you the finest information and knowledge within all our published material and we take care to ensure that we work with the authors to ensure all the publications are kept revised and updated.

Recent Title Releases

The Secret of Magic Transmutation
Les Sept Secrets De L’Initié Grand Manuel Secret Des Initiés
The Sacred Book of Good Luck Spells

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JED Publishing is committed to:

If you are looking for the best in personal development and growth, our publications are designed to assist and delight you with the very latest research and insights.

We are a team of experts with tremendous experience in publishing and marketing self-help and personal development books, articles, and newsletters. 

We love our job and the satisfaction we get from delivering class-leading materials for our clients around the world. 

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